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Eagle Copters Australasia exhibits as Gold Sponsor at Rotortech 2016

08 Jun 2016

Exhibiting at Rotortech 2016 as Gold Sponsor, Eagle Copters Australasia had three ground-breaking aviation solutions to showcase; the first Eagle 407HP to land in Australia, an Eagle Single currently successfully deployed in Australasia, Indonesia and North and South America, and Eagle’s Generation II Digital Audio – also a new entrant to the Australasian market.

Eagle Copters Australasia was formed in late 2013 as a joint venture between Canadian-based and industry-leading Eagle Copters Ltd, and talent-rich, fast-growing Australian company Aero Assist. With similar markets in the two countries, the partnership set a solid platform for the launch of Eagle’s customised, mission-ready aviation products throughout Australasia. Eagle Copters Australasia also continues to support the industry with leasing and support capabilities. Speaking at Rotortech 2016, Grant Boyter, CEO for Eagle Copters Australasia said “We have been part of Rotortech previously, however this year we were happy to increase our presence and showcase the two helicopters and next-generation audio system”.

Together with Grant at Rotortech was Rohan Schaillmeiner, VP Maintenance. “We’ve had a lot of interest in the two machines,” said Rohan, “and the feedback on the hot-high capabilities of the Eagle 407HP and heavy lifting specifications of the Eagle Single, has been very positive.”

Ian D’Arcy, VP Operations, also commented that “Eagle’s next-generation audio is unparalleled, and fully customisable for any environment. We have a number of installations under way which already are proving to be cost-effective, streamlined solutions for the customer.”

The team continue their post-show follow-ups and look forward to the ongoing placement of new products into the Australasian market.

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Eagle 407HP helicopter The Eagle 407HP conversion replaces the Rolls-Royce C47 turbine engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900, substantially improving high-altitude and hot ambient temperature performance of the Bell 407 — already considered one of the best and most versatile helicopters ever made — to give helicopter operators a more powerful, yet surprisingly, more fuel efficient aircraft. Developed with safety, performance and affordability as top requirements, the new Eagle 407HP is ideally suited for playing an even more demanding role wherever outperformance is a must: in security and law enforcement, utility services such as pipeline and power line construction, forest management, heli-skiing, firefighting, emergency medical services (EMS) and more.

Eagle Single helicopter The Eagle Single, by virtue of a supplemental type certificate, converts the venerable Bell 212 helicopter from a twin-engine to a single-engine application utilizing the Honeywell T53 engine. The conversion maintains the type certificate of the Bell 212, while the resulting loss of weight from removing one engine has allowed the Eagle Single to set new performance standards for operators. Operational costs are reduced allowing for more profits. Reliability has been enhanced by incorporating modern day avionics and instrumentation. The Eagle Single has been designed and is now poised to become the helicopter of choice in the medium lift market.

Eagle Generation II digital audio system (P139-HD) The P139-HD digital audio system is the latest airborne communication management system, designed to reduce the communication workload in law enforcement, homeland security, EMS and electronic news gathering operations. The P139-HD builds on Eagle Avionics System's proven track record of modular audio systems by introducing the size, power and weight benefits of digital audio technology while retaining compatibility with the wide range of customizable digital control panels designed for any application. The P139-HD consists of a central audio router and a number of control heads communicating over the 4-wire GNET bus.