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Avionics - A fully integrated proposition

14 Oct 2015

Since opening their doors in 2013, Eagle Copters Australasia’s commitment to service has proven tremendously successful.
The company continues to grow and expand its maintenance, sales, leasing and service capabilities, continually demonstrating their ability to deliver professional maintenance and innovative aviation solutions.
Operating from a brand-new facility in Coffs Harbour, their expertise includes an experienced avionics department, supplying a complete suite of avionics skills to their customers.

Specialising in the design and installation of custom and complex avionic systems to meet law enforcement, EMS, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and fire agency operations. The team is also able to provide complete solutions for the upcoming 2016/2017 IFR GPS and ADS-B mandates.

Furthermore, Eagle Copters Australasia (ECA) offers a fully integrated service at the new facility covering all aspects of the job, from inception through to certification and delivery. Avionic installations are well supported by our in-house mechanical, sheet metal and paint shop for both rotary & fixed wing clients.

A principle part of this rapidly expanding business is the radio and electrical fit out capabilities to suit requirements for all current Australian fire agencies. With a thorough understanding of the varied and complex planning requirements, ECA are uniquely positioned to meet multi-agency fit out specifications.

In addition, with the increased reporting stipulations of the NAFC and state fire authorities, ECA can meet requirements using a variety of deliverables.

Most notably, a new and exciting Digital Audio system manufactured by Eagle Canada, is the latest in airborne communication management systems. It delivers easily customised, reliable and cost effective system that is STC approved for most common helicopters.  Coupled with their installation and repair experience on buckets, belly tanks and fire door systems, ECA is the natural choice for comprehensive avionics requirements.

Eagle Copters Australasia continues to go from strength to strength and their multifaceted approach guarantees the highest standard of quality while providing expert helicopter services.