Helicopter Sales | 2006 Bell 412EP

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2006 Bell 412EP


Excellent condition with new white base on exterior and excellent condition Bell 13 Place standard interior.


Bell 13 Place Standard Interior - excellent condition


New White Base


116 kb


Apical Emergency Float Kit
Dart Folding Steps
Rotor Brake
Dual Controls
Bleed Air Heater
Cargo Hook Provisions
Heavy Duty Battery
Auxiliary Fuel Provisions
High Visibility Main Rotor Blades
Co Pilot Instruments
Goodrich External Hoist Provisions
30 min OEI (PT6T-3DF)
53 Amp Hour Battery Kit
Apical Cable Cutters


Honeywell 3-Axis SPZ-7600 DAFCS
Honeywell Dual MS-700 Flight Directors
Honeywell KTR-908 (2) VHF
Honeywell KNR-634A (2) NAV/VOR/ILS
Honeywell MST-67 Mode S Transponder
Honeywell KDF-806 ADF
Honeywell KDM-706A DME
Radar Altimeter #1 and #2
Primus 700 Weather Radar
Cockpit Voice Recorder
Flight Data Recorder
Artex C-406 ELT w/Remote Switch
Bell BHVM Vibration Monitoring System

Component Time Remaining

Engine #1 & #2 4000
Combining Gearbox 4000
Main Rotor Hub 2500
Main Rotor Blades 2500
Main Rotor Mast 5000
Main Rotor Yokes 5000
Swashplate 2500
Swashplate Support 12610
Hub/Sleeve 2500
Transmission 5850
Servos 2500
Tail Rotor Hub 1000
Tail Rotor Blades 1050
42 Degree Gearbox 5000
90 Degree Gearbox 5000
3000 Hour/5 Year Insp 3000/5yr