Helicopter Leasing | 1963 Bell 204B

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1963 Bell 204B


LEASED! Blue & gold with yellow accent. In good condition. No restrictions on passengers. Transport Category. 9 Pax seats

Now ready to fight fires!

High Vis Blades
Simoco Radio VHF/UHF – NSW or Victoria
Wired for Motorola GRN UHF XTL5000
Bury Bluetooth Phone Kit
Pre-Wired for Bambi Max or Water Hog Bucket & remote Hook
Sacksafoam 302 SEI Foam Capable
Siren NAT AA21
Rear Position Transmit
12/24/VDC Power Socket USB



Nine Man Crew Seats - in good condition


Blue & Gold with Yellow accent - in good condition


8,643 kb


Dual Controls
Dart Heli-Access Step
Concord Heavy Duty Battery
Bleed Air Heater
Dart Dual Cargo Mirror
Cargo Hook Assembly
Dart Dual Cargo Release
Wire Strike Protection System
BLR Tailboom Strake
Eagle Alternate (205) Co-Pilot seats
Dart Vertical Reference Door
Dart Adjustable Engine Mounts
Dart Cabin Door Handles
Dart V-Block Door Support Kit
Dart Pulse Lights


Flight Instrument Group + Night VMC
Co-Pilot Auxiliary Instruments
NAT AMS44 Audio Controller
Trig Transponder TT31 (ADSB Compliant)
Honeywell KY196A VHF Com
Garmin GNC255A Com/Nav
Garmin CDI VOR Indicator MD 200-206

Component Time Remaining

Engine 950
Main Rotor Hub 2400
Mast Assy 2500
Swashplate 635
Hub & Sleeve 2175
Transmission 1287
Tail Rotor Hub 316
Tail Rotor Blades 2500
42 Degree Gearbox 3413
90 Degree Gearbox 1287
Cyclic Servo 1 344
Cyclic Servo 2 1287
Collective Servo 1203