The Eagle 407 HP

Eagle Australasia is proud to announce the re-engine program for the venerable Bell 407, called the Eagle 407HP.

This conversion replaces the Rolls-Royce 250-C4B7 with a Honeywell HTS-900D-2.

The EAGLE 407HP, developed by international partner Eagle Canada has been certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA certification follows certification less than two weeks earlier by Transport Canada. By virtue of a Supplemental Type Certification (STC), the upgrade replaces the OEM-installed Rolls Royce C47 turbine engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900 turbine engine, significantly improving the Bell 407’s high altitude and hot ambient temperature performance.

This certification means that the 407HP is ready and approved for operation in Australia.

Some advantages of this engine retrofit are:

  • Increased Hot/High capability
  • Increased Payload capacity
  • Increased Mission capability
  • Increased Mission range
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • 1,021 SHP engine

Please see the following for more information:

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